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Programs in Michigan that supply you with baby items, maternity clothes, and other things baby related

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woman in a shoe   in reply to haleybuggy333
Hi wait till u know what u going to have than ho on Craigslist under free stuff and u will get it for free are u can put your on aid on there and when someone going to give it away they will call u good luck
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woman in a shoe   in reply to haleybuggy333
Hi call church s some have a clothing closet .Also check onCraigslist under free stuff. Are put your on add on there for what u need when some going to post it they will call u to come and get it. U can also type free baby clothing city state and see if any place given away baby clothing. Can u tell me how old u are right now I mite be able to tell u how to get cash and other things free
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i need little girl and boys baby clothing am a single teen mom at age 14 because was raped dont have any money to buy baby clothes
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brebabi   in reply to woman in a shoe
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woman in a shoe   in reply to brebabi
Check craiglist under free suff sometime I see baby things on there what do u have boy are girl I live in warren mi
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kinzea   in reply to brebabi
Hi call 211 and ask where can you go for free baby stuff. or contact salvation army
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I need help with all kinds of baby things who do I contact im not employed or have no car please help I live in waterford michigan
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Please some place where I can received baby car seat for free in Wyoming, Mi???
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generations   in reply to Naka
Hi Naka, we are a home visiting program where the nurse comes out to you every visit. We do give some items if we have the items to give. If you want to talk more about the program please contact us. at. 248.845.4396. Our program provides education and resources to our clients. Thank you! Ms. Riley
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Naka   in reply to generations
Do you give out free baby supplies like cribs dippers and so on?
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I couldn't find the office of "Earn while you learn" in the canton , Michigan area. Please help me if any one know about it.

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generations   in reply to TryingLive
Generation II Generation
30555 Southfield Rd.
Southfield, MI
Offers help for Wayne, Oakland and Macomb County
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What are some for Holland or grand haven
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The Lennon Center only helps if its your first baby. If you know of any others in wayne please share. Thanks
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Thank you!
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